Sunday, September 2, 2012

LMAO: Eedris abdulkarem calls obasanjo his mugu

After Former President Obasanjo called Eedris a Jagajaga�ed guy recently again, here�s what Eedris has to tell our dear �Ex-President� as Eedris calls him.

Eedris even says we should expect his new release titled: Obasanjo na my friend

Read Eedris tweets:

It�s obvious that Obasanjo cant do without me. I�m his joy therapy. Mr expresident, Nigeria still dey jagajaga infact worst pass jagajaga.

President Obasanjo if you trully love Goodluck as u claimed why dont you talk to your fellow boko haram member to let Goodluck rule in peace�

Watchout for my new single Obasanjo na my friend .hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Mr expresident,�I heard you were talking about me in ur last interview hahahahahhahah its obvious you cant do without are my mugu.

Obasanjo na my mugu oooo na jeje i dey, u dey look for trouble oooo�. hahahahahhahahahahhahahah

Obasanjo, thank you for making me a star infact talk more about me. I�m inspired!!

This is 12years after innocent people are dying, boko haramm is bombing hard and u say naija no jagajaga.

Mr ex president, u be my mugu!

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