Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Witches & Wizard stopped Nigerian olympic participants from shining- mother of one of the participants

By Tony Ubani in London
Nigerians in Diaspora are yet to come to terms
with the shocking display of speedster,
Blessing Okagbare that some have blamed
spiritual forces for her disappointing race.
Blessing placed 8th in a pack of high-profile
athletes, some she had beaten before.
Mother of one of Team Nigeria's athlete, Mrs
Glory Udoh who came to the Olympic Village
yesterday said that it was so glaring that
spiritual forces were against the Nigerian.
''We wept openly yesterday. You could see
her struggling to get off the block. But they
have failed, because God has taken
supremacy and control of Team Nigeria's
activities. Her name is a blessing, and God has
blessed her that no evil forces will stand on
the way of the team, again.
Mrs Udoh who flew all the way from Houston
to London to be with her daughter said that
Team Nigeria will surprise many in their
remaining events. ''God has opened the
floodgates for His children to arise and shine.
Team Nigeria shall move and nothing will
stand on their way again'', she preached.

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