Friday, August 10, 2012


Ok majority of you guys have heard of charlie boy (area fada), he's probably the most talked about male individual in the industry,the singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher with his crazy mode of dressing and piercings all over gives people things to talk about,Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa is 61 and was born June 19, 1951. The 61 year old has been accused of being gay and also being the "HEAD" of the NIGERIAN branch of "ILLUMINATI". His visit to this ranch church abuja last week and his explanation of his nude pictures that went viral last week was certainly a topic on everybody's lips. The most shocking aspect of the story was his alter ego"LINDA" was this a sign that he was truely gay considering the fact that he said "there is a woman in me whose name is Linda. It is Linda that wears make-ups. He said that Linda directs him on how to be compassionate like women. He stated that Linda was responsible for all the humanitarian works he had done over the years. According to him, without Linda, he couldn’t have done all that. “Linda was created to have to be compassionate like a woman” does linda also have a sexually active side too (question for the gods). The big question is this, at 61 is charlie boy actually trying to make a difference in our generation or his he trying to ruin it,

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