Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Story of the day: Mother gets pregnant for her daughter's lover

I'm at a loss as to how things happen so fast these
days. I had a crazy séx on cool night with a young man
for just about ten minutes and the next thing I see
myself pregnant. How can this happen to me? Why
should I find myself in such a shameful situation? Am
I the first woman to have séx with a young boy?
The thing that bothers me most is this séx machine
(he's very good) is my daughter's boyfriend.
Right now I wish to have him all to myself. But how
am going to handle my daughter is the problem. She
claims they are in love with with each other but her
lover couldn't say no when I ask him to sleep with
me. It was as if he wanted me more than I wanted
My daughter is just 21 and my age is double of hers
cos I was almost 21 when I gave birth to her. Her
father is gone and the responsibility of taking care of
her was all mine. I gave her a good life as much as
my income could carry and she's ok.
My headache is this pregnancy. Her boyfriend didn't
know am pregnant for him and my daughter has no
idea we are seeing each other. The only man in my
life right now is married with wife and three kids.
I know I've made mistakes but I've read other
people's stories on TON and I felt I could get some
help here that's why am asking for help.
What is the best option for me cos abortion is not an
Should I take this sweet boy from my daughter and
ask her to let go since am her mother? Afterall she
can get another young guy to date. Or I should give
the pregnancy to the married man am dating?
But I don't think I want to leave this sweet boy for
my small girl.
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