Friday, August 3, 2012

Shocking confession of a 17 year old boy

Someone sent this to me and i felt i should share it with you all

Tunde laments, I wish I had better parents, it's not like I don't thank GOD for the one's I have, it's just that I feel they are not doing a good job in my life, tunde now 18 recalls: my life has never been the same since i was 6 years old, it's like the world turned it's back on me, my parents were never around, my father had his own business, it didn't fetch him much but it was enough to feed the family, my mother was a trader at the popular eko market, I had a brother and 2 sisters, I was the 2nd to the last born and I had a younger
brother,my  2 sisters were  in the university while my younger brother and I were still in the nursery & primary school respectively, we usually got home around 3pm in the afternoon and when we did we'll do our assignments and go out and play, due to the usual power outage in our area we usually didn't have light and
so t.v was never really an option, my parents were always arguing and fighting ever since I was born, mostly on minor matters, they'll beat each other up like and most times they injured themselves while they were at it, this was a very sad sight and to make matters worse anyone who tried to intervene would be attacked by dad, I remember a day when I tried to intervene and I got knocked on the head with a table, I fainted and when they restored me, they started blaming each other for it and eventually they started fighting because of this staying at home wasn't really an option so I go to our neighbours house, my family and their family were close so my parents didn't actually mind if we went to their place so I was usually at their place everyday but that changed when one day while I was sleeping in their house (I was still 6 at that time) one of their sons came to the room, pulled of my shorts and tried to stick his penis in my ass hole, I started to struggle and scream but he was a lot older than I am and he succeeded in making me gay, when he was done, he started to threaten me that if I told anyone he'll kill me, what did I know, I was scared so I ran outside limping, I made up my mind to tell my parents but they weren't at home! It was only I and my junior brother who were at home, eventually when they came back telling them wasn't an option because they were already fighting they didn't even notice I was walking abnormally because of this I decided it was better I didn't tell them, staying home was hard and I couldn't go to my neighbours place cos I was afraid of what he was going to do to me, the road became my home as that was the only place I was comfortable, I would take long strolls to my primary school and walk back home then sleep. It was on one of those strolls I met a teenager called cynthia, she was in front of her house sitting down when she saw me passing by, she asked where I was coming from and I told her I was taking a stroll, she said she was going to walk me home to make sure I got home safely I agreed because I longed for a friend, when we got home she dropped me and said she was going to check on me the next day, after school the next day cynthia came as she said, she took care of the house and told us to follow her to her house which we did, she made lunch for us and then we watched tv, when it was 7pm she dropped us at home, cynthia did this for a few months and then the evil day struck, my brother was sleeping in one of the rooms when she called me to another room, she said she wanted to show me something I had never seen before so I followed her willingly, when we got to the room, she locked the door and put the key in her panties, she then asked me to take the key and open the door, I started to cry then she came and hugged me, she said she was sorry and then she started to molest me gently I started to scream and then my brother woke up and started to bang the door, he asked why I was crying and screaming and I couldn't reply, my brother started to cry and when she heard him crying she stopped, opened the door and asked us to get out of the house, that she cooked for us and yet we couldn't pay her back, I felt so humiliated but yet there was nothing I could do nothing, that same night a neighbour came to our house and reported me and my junior brother to my parents that they noticed we were always walking up and down the neighbourhood that since it was close to the festive season kidnappers were always looking for people to kidnap, my dad suggested it was better we stay at his place after school since he has kids, I didn't argue with my parents I gladly agreed and then we used to stay with them, they had an 18 year old deformed girl who came to stay with them, they said she was a relative and had to stay with them for a while, 2 days after we started staying with them the deformed girl raped me in the bathroom, this time the parents walked in on her while she was doing it, they met me crying the bathroom, apparently my junior brother heard me crying and ran to their mothers shop to report, I was very relieved when she came in but the heartless woman changed the story, she said I ( was 8 years old then) raped their 18 year old daughter, I was flogged for a crime I did not commit and my parents didn't see things differently, I was immediately sent to a boarding house immediately I finished primary school, I was ten at that time, I was happy because I thought my troubles had ended I was shocked to find out it was only the beginning, junior secondary school 1, 2 & 1st term of js 3 went by like any other year in school, I became a normal teenager, but 2nd term js3 I was sick, very sick I didn't eat for 3 days and I was on the verge of fainting, I was rushed to the school hospital where I was forced to eat and taken to the hostel, I was locked in the hostel alone and the rest were sent to the class, I didn't know a gay group were also in the hostel, while I was sleeping they came took off my boxers rubbed vasline on my ass and they tried to rape me, I woke up and started begging, they agreed to leave me alone because I was sick, I didn't know they had been monitoring me, they asked me to join their group but I declined, they told me they'll catch me in senior secondary school, when I finished junior secondary school I told my parents to please change my school but they declined, they said they saw nothing wrong with the school so I went back to the school, things were fine and my academic grades were up, I was happy that my life was back to normal, little did I know that my trouble was just beginning, I was 13 in ss1 when one night, I was caught masturbating in the middle of the night by the gay group, they said I was in their net now and said they were going to report me to the principal, because of the fear of suspension or expel I begged them not to, they said they were going to if I knelt down and sucked one of them's penis, I knelt down without thinking of the repercussion of what I was doing and I did it, when I did they left and I cried all night, the next night they came again and wanted me to do it again but I decided not to, they said they were going to report and I said they should go and report because I'll also report their gay group to the principal again (Tunde with tears in his eyes continues) I've been through a lot in this life, my parents were never there to guide me when I needed them and they made me make a lot of wrong decisions (tunde continues) I'm afraid to go to church because of I think the lord will not forgive me for all the past misdeeds I've done (tunde laments).


  1. Tunde am sure tins have bin rili bad for u but hey..... Dey can get beta if u want dem to. Pple care abt u. I care. Stay gud. Contact me.