Thursday, August 9, 2012

My husband planted "MAGUN" on me

A 34-year-old Nigerian nurse on Friday leapt for
joy when an Oshodi Customary Court in Lagos
dissolved the five-year-old marriage to her
husband who allegedly planted "magun'' on her.
The petitioner, Taiwo Akinode, of Mafoluku
Road, Oshodi, Lagos openly expressed her joy
and gratitude over the judgment, saying, "thank
God, I am free from this juju man."
"My husband had planted `magun' (magun is a yoruba charm that is placed on unfaithful women, so that anyone who has sex with her will die) on me
because he does not trust me, he thinks I am
"I almost lost my life before my relations came
to the rescue and it was discovered that he was
the culprit.
"He does not have respect for my mother,
whenever she tries to intervene in our
disagreement, he will extend the beating to my
mother," she said.
She accused her husband of adultery, saying
that he slept around with different women.
She also alleged that Akinode was irresponsible,
adding that he threatened her life with `juju`
because he was an "Ifa'' worshipper.
"I do not blame him because I moved in with
him following a prophecy from my pastor that
he is my rightful husband. He did not marry me
"He is very fetish, he has been threatening me
and my mother and I cannot take it anymore,
that is why I filed the divorce,'' she told the
The respondent, Toyin Akinode, a 37-year-old
mechanic did not deny the allegations, saying
that he was also fed up with the marriage.
"My wife is very stubborn and promiscuous and
her mother will always support her whenever I
report my wife to her.
"She was aware that I am an "Ifa'' worshipper
before I married her five-years ago, now she
wants a divorce over my religious background,"
Akinode said.
He, however, urged the court to proceed with
the dissolution of their marriage.
Akinode also promised the court that he would
pay the maintenance fee and would prefer to
visit his children at school in order to avoid any
trouble with his former wife.
The court president, Mrs R.I. Adetola
pronounced the dissolution of the marriage.
"I hereby dissolve the marriage between Toyin
and Taiwo, since both parties are tired of the
marriage and both consented to the dissolution.
"The two children of the marriage should be in
the custody of their mother since they are still
very young. Any aggrieved party can appeal
against the judgment within the next 30 days,"
Adetola said.
She ordered that the respondent pay the sum of
N4, 000 monthly to the court registrar for his
children`s maintenance.

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