Thursday, August 9, 2012

Much ado about the wearing the colour RED

According to reports, it was said to be Pastor
Adeboye that gave the prophecy which i believe
was false and luckily the man has publicly
denied giving out such thing.

Please inform all your friends and family
members that I, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, did
not send any message out informing you
not to wear a particular color and do not
have any issues with whatever color.
No message stating you should not wear a
particular color was ever authorized by
The Redemption Camp or my office.
Please be mindful and careful of
erroneous messages. If you want a true
change in your life be at The Redemption
Camp, This Thursday at 7 pm, Friday at 7
pm and Saturday at 7 pm. To ensure no
one uses your blood for anything.
That's it!
In My Own Opinion, some people are so jobless
and they go about giving false rumour all in the
name of BROADCAST shit!, i've got loads of em
and i ignore it without having a second

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