Friday, August 17, 2012

Man Kills 8 Day Old Step-Daughter'sBaby, Removes Heart For Ritual

A 39 year-old man, Akpotejere Osuna has been
arrested by operatives of Delta State Police
Command for allegedly killing the eight day-old
daughter of his step-daughter for ritual.
The slaughtered baby was the daughter of the step
daughter to Akpotejere who was visiting her
mother for post-natal care.
Osuna has allegedly made confessional statement
to the police that he killed her for ritual.
He confessed taking the baby away from the side
of her mother while she was sleeping, took her to a
nearby bush, where he allegedly slaughtered her.
Luck, however, ran out on him when he was
arrested by the police who made a follow up of
reports on the suspicious move by the suspect.
Delta State Police Command spokesman, Charles
Muka who spoke with us on phone, disclosed that
the suspect who was arrested at Jese Town,
allegedly killed the baby, opened her up and
removed the heart, the tongue and other parts.
Muka said the suspect would be charged to court
as soon as courts in the state resume sitting.
"The suspect sneaked into the house of the mother
of the baby, took the baby into the bush where he
murdered the child, cut of the heart and the
tongue, wrapped them in a polythene bag,
pocketed them and melted into the bush."
Mr. Muka disclosed that upon report, the suspect
was traced into the bush where he was arrested,
adding that "he confessed that he was taking the
parts to Ghana where he was going to make use of
it for money making ritual."

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