Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lagos state out with new traffic laws.

There is a new traffic law which prescribes a 3 year jail term for one way offenders and might soon be signed to law. Anyway check out the new laws by the Lagos State Governor below;

(1) Riding a motor – cycle against traffic: 1st time offender – N20,000

Subsequent offender -N30,000 fine

(2) Smoking while driving -N20,000 fine.

(3) Failure to give way to traffic on the left at a roundabout – N20,000 fine

(4) Disobeying traffic control – N20,000 fine

(5) Riding motor – cycle without crash helmet for rider and passenger N20,000 or 3yrs imprisonment .

(6) Driving without valid driver's license – vehicle will be impounded.

(7) Driving with fake number plate – N20,000 and six months imprisonment or both

(8) Any person found guilty of driving on a one – way road will spend three years in prison, with no option of fine.

Well I think these laws are still bearable. But a 3 year jail term for one way offenders, is harsh to me.

Cuddled from: LadunLiadi

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