Saturday, August 11, 2012

Housewife beats husband to death

Tragedy struck on Saturday in the Okota area of Lagos State when a middle-aged man, identified as Ifeanyi Anaekwe, slumped and died during a fight with his wife in their apartment.
Eyewitnesses said the deceased and his wife had an…
argument over money to buy pampers and baby food for their child which degenerated into a serious fight.
During the fight, the widow, Chikodili Anaekwe, allegedly grabbed a pestle and hit her husband on the head which made him to slump. When he slumped, she allegedly stabbed him several times.
Mr. Anaekwe was said to have died before help came. Narrating the incident, a police source said: “Neighbours reported that the victim was first clubbed from behind early with a pestle and he slumped. She reportedly stabbed him several times.
“They claimed an argument ensued between the man and his wife when the wife requested for money to buy pampers and baby food for their new baby.
“The husband, who was said to be preparing for work at the time, was said to have explained to the wife that he did not have enough money. This infuriated the wife and a fight ensued.”
Lagos Police Command Spokesman, Joseph Jayeoba, while confirming the incident, said the Command has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death and would make its findings public.

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